Tennessee Horse Barn Builders

Tennessee Indoor Riding Arena

Peoples Building Company is the horse barn builder that can make your vision come to reality in Tennessee. Whether you are looking for an indoor riding arena, a custom horse barn, a run in shed, or a machinery storage building, we are the builders for you.

Peoples, function means everything: correct construction, smart engineering, and quality of materials and design; are all components necessary for a safe and functional equine facility for you and your horses in Tennessee.

To the right is a list of facilities and services offered by Peoples Building. If you have a prospective project and it is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you complete it.


Also, please view our Gallery for photos of past projects and floor plans of barns and facilities



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Assisting your horse with his post-exercise cooling process can impact how well and how quickly he recovers. This stands true no matter the season. But cold weather cooling requires also guarding against a chilled horse.
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BEVA Trust Wins BHS Welfare Award
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Hong Kong, China Establish Equine Disease-Free Zone
The only internationally recognized disease-free zone on the Chinese mainland paves the way for the the Conghua Training Centre.
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As a mare's fertility wanes, there are still steps--some simple, some cutting-edge--breeders can take to obtain a foal.
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10 Navicular Syndrome Resources on TheHorse.com
Learn about veterinarians' current understanding of navicular syndrome with these articles, downloads, videos, and more.
Peaceable Farm Operator Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement
Anne Williams, who operated a horse rescue in Virginia, pleaded guilty to embezzling funds donated to help the horses.
Ontario Equestrian Donates to Equine Research
With the donation Equine Guelph researchers will study gut health and colic prevention.
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FEI Issues Decision in Endurance Prohibited Substance Cases
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Researchers Harvest Uterine Stem Cells From Horses
The collection procedure does not require surgical intervention and laboratory results show the cells differentiate into various tissues.
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Study: Some Endurance Horses Lacking in Lameness Care
Of the lameness cases initially identified by a vet at a ride, only 52% were further investigated by a veterinarian
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EHV Confirmed in Connecticut Horse
Tests are pending on three additional horses. The horses were vaccinated and are recovering.
Study: Swimming Can Improve Horses' Glucose, Insulin Levels
Low-intensity swimming could help maintain glucose and insulin levels without putting excess strain on horses' limbs.
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