Ohio Horse Barn Builders

Ohio Indoor Riding Arena

Peoples Building Company is the horse barn builder that can make your vision come to reality in Ohio. Whether you are looking for an indoor riding arena, a custom horse barn, a run in shed, or a machinery storage building, we are the builders for you.

Peoples, function means everything: correct construction, smart engineering, and quality of materials and design; are all components necessary for a safe and functional equine facility for you and your horses in Ohio.

To the right is a list of facilities and services offered by Peoples Building. If you have a prospective project and it is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you complete it.


Also, please view our Gallery for photos of past projects and floor plans of barns and facilities


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What is Kissing Spines?
Dr. Rachel Buchholz explains what "kissing spines" is in horses and its clinical signs.
Will a Club-Footed Mare Pass on the Flaw?
Dr. Bryant Craig talks about mares passing on conformation faults and shares advice on whether a mare should be bred. This podcast is from the Equine Life Stages: Stallions and Mares Q&A audio event, sponsored by Merck Animal Health.
Spending Bill Maintains Horse Slaughter Ban
No horse slaughter facilities are operating in the United States and the bill would effectively prevent any such facility from opening until Sept. 30, 2015.
New Rules Lead to Spike in Positive Drug Tests in Indiana
The adoption of new model rules on medication use in racehorses has led to n increase in positive tests in Indiana.
EVA Vaccines: What You Need to Know
Implementing a proper vaccination regimen for breeding stock is key to minimizing equine viral arteritis' spread around the world.
What is the Best Living Situation for a Breeding Stallion?
Dr. Bryant Craig shares advice on how to house stallions, both those with high and low libido. This podcast is from the Equine Life Stages: Stallions and Mares Q&A audio event, sponsored by Merck Animal Health.
Firestones Honored by duPont Scott Equine Medical Center
Bertram and Diana Firestone were recognized for their leadership, support, and dedication to the center, and were honored at recent ceremony at the center's Leesburg, Virginia, campus.
RCI Request Would Change RMTC's Current Role
The RCI has asked the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) to merge into a new RCI scientific advisory board.
Is a 14-Year-Old Mare Too Old to Breed?
One mare owner wonders if it's okay to breed a mare in her mid-teens. This podcast is from the Equine Life Stages: Stallions and Mares Q&A audio event, sponsored by Merck Animal Health.
RCI Uniform Classification Guidelines Updated
The organization updated entries on ketoprofen, alclofenac, firocoxib, aminorex, and more.
Helpful Tips on Caring for Senior Horses This Winter
From joint health to hoof care and nutrition to dental issues, learn how to help your old horse conquer the cold.
Getting a Handle on Scratches
Veterinarians and owners must address the condition's primary, predisposing, and perpetuating causative factors for a successful outcome.
What are the Advantages of Pasture Breeding Horses?
Dr. Bryant Craig shares the benefits and potential pitfalls of breeding horses in herd situations. This podcast is from the Equine Life Stages: Stallions and Mares Q&A audio event, sponsored by Merck Animal Health.
Poll Recap: Hay Soaking
Of the 755 respondents, 584 (77%) said they do not soak their horses' hay.
All Aboard!
We must remember to ensure our old horses can quickly and easily load into trailers in case of emergency. Does your senior horse load and travel well?
Fourth Horse Death Connected to Recalled Feed
A fourth horse in Davie, Florida, has died after consuming an equine feed tainted with an antibiotic intended for use in cattle.
Is It Safe to Breed a Mare with EMS?
Breeding a mare with equine metabolic syndrome presents many possible problems. Dr. Bryant Craig explains. This podcast is from the Equine Life Stages: Stallions and Mares Q&A audio event, sponsored by Merck Animal Health.
Officials Investigate Head-On Collision During Horse Race
An investigation into a head-on collision that led to the euthanization of a horse did not result from malfunction of a warning system designed to alert riders to loose horses on the track, officials said Dec. 15.
Teeth in Strange Places
I would like to know about the different ways a tooth can grow in the wrong place on a horse. Can a tooth ever grow out of the front of the head close to the eye?
Horse Welfare: Keeping Horses Healthy Through the Winter
As the weather changes, horse welfare becomes particularly important, and owners often have to contend with more than just the cold. Here's a look at three common equine conditions to watch for during the winter months.
LSU Vets Successfully Treat Equine Coronavirus Case
Veterinarians at Louisiana State University (LSU) have treated the first case of equine coronavirus reported in Louisiana.
BLM Approves Third Ecosanctuary for Off-Range Wild Horses
The new ecosanctuary will be located in Lander, Wyoming, with horses arriving as early as the spring of 2015.
Infographic: Vaccinating Your Horse
Vaccines can protect your horse from a wide range of threats, including snakebites, botulism, influenza, and much more. Learn how vaccines work, why they're important, and which ones your horse needs in this step-by-step visual guide.
Is the Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratio Important for Horses?
An audience member wonders if horses benefit from a balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. Dr. Clair Thunes responds.
Biosecurity Tip of the Month: Biosecurity Notices
Something as simple as a sign can help organizers run events that promote horse health and biosecurity.