Ohio Horse Barn Builders

Ohio Indoor Riding Arena

Peoples Building Company is the horse barn builder that can make your vision come to reality in Ohio. Whether you are looking for an indoor riding arena, a custom horse barn, a run in shed, or a machinery storage building, we are the builders for you.

Peoples, function means everything: correct construction, smart engineering, and quality of materials and design; are all components necessary for a safe and functional equine facility for you and your horses in Ohio.

To the right is a list of facilities and services offered by Peoples Building. If you have a prospective project and it is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you complete it.


Also, please view our Gallery for photos of past projects and floor plans of barns and facilities


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Helping an Easy Keeper Breathe Easy
My 20-year-old Thoroughbred has respiratory allergies. Is there anything I can do to help him breathe easier while wearing a muzzle?
Infographic: Rain Rot
Learn about this frustrating, contagious equine skin disease and how to prevent its spread.
The Grass Guide: White Clover
White clover is the most widely found pasture legume in the United States.
Managing Chronic Laminitis
Work closely with your veterinarian and farrier to monitor the treatment and recovery of horses with chronic laminitis.
South Carolina Confirms First Equine EEE Case for 2016
The affected horse from Horry County has been euthanized.
Tick-Borne Disease: Tremendously Tricky
Learn the latest on diseases horses can get from ticks and why they continue to frustrate veterinarians and researchers.
Poll Recap: Volunteering in the Horse Industry
Of the 633 respondents, 305 (48%) said they volunteer their time in the horse industry.
UC Davis Acquires First Equine PET Scanner
PET reveals activity at the molecular level and detects changes in tissue before the size or shape is modified.
Massachusetts Horse Owners Urged to Vaccinate
Officials advise owners to ensure horses are protected from mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis.
Lecture to Feature New Bolton Center Medical Director
Dr. Barbara Dallap Schaer will discuss the latest developments at Penn Vet's large animal hospital and take questions from the audience on June 7.
Is Surgery an Option for Equine Cushing's Disease?
Researchers recently described a novel--and still experimental--surgical procedure designed to treat PPID with positive results.
Supplement Use in Performance Horses
Take a look at some commonly fed supplements and the theories behind their use.
Feeding Horses When You're Riding in the Wilderness
Riding in wilderness areas can present challenges for feeding your horse. Here are some tips!
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New to horses? Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to safely clean a horse's hoof.
'Lily' Adopted
The mare who recovered after being pelted with a paintball gun has been adopted by comedian Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey.
Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, Horse Tests Positive for EIA
Thirty-four equids on the affected Enon Valley premises will be quarantined for at least 60 days.
LSU Seeking Horses With Gastric Ulcers for Study
Clinicians are evaluating a new investigational drug for treating equine gastric ulcers.
Surgical Technique Effective for Treating Corneal Edema
Treated horses were comfortable, had less corneal fluid swelling than before and no corneal ulcers, and they retained vision.
NDSU Extension to Hold Equine Workshops
Lecture topics include weed identification, pasture management; deworming, composting, vaccination programs, and more.
BEVA Receives Award for Antibiotic Stewardship
The British Equine Veterinary Association was the only organization from the veterinary profession to be recognized.
Obesity: Cause or Consequence of Metabolic Disease?
The team confirmed that horses don't have to be obese to have EMS, but that obesity can point to an underlying metabolic condition.
Exaggerator Victorious in Sloppy Preakness
Meanwhile, Uncle Lino was vanned off following the race with what appears to be a minor tendon injury.
Caring for Your New Horse
Are you getting your first horse or first horse in a long time? Our experts will help you navigate equine ownership.
AVA Welcomes New Annual Hendra Booster Vaccine
The Hendra virus vaccine has now been approved to be delivered annually following initial administration.
Do Domestic Mares Abort Fetuses to Protect Them? Maybe
Researchers determined that pregnant mares can abort their fetuses as a stress response to prevent future infanticide.