Ohio Horse Barn Builders

Ohio Indoor Riding Arena

Peoples Building Company is the horse barn builder that can make your vision come to reality in Ohio. Whether you are looking for an indoor riding arena, a custom horse barn, a run in shed, or a machinery storage building, we are the builders for you.

Peoples, function means everything: correct construction, smart engineering, and quality of materials and design; are all components necessary for a safe and functional equine facility for you and your horses in Ohio.

To the right is a list of facilities and services offered by Peoples Building. If you have a prospective project and it is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you complete it.


Also, please view our Gallery for photos of past projects and floor plans of barns and facilities


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Minnesota Veterinarian Brings Equine Science to Mongolia
A Minnesota veterinarian is challenging tradition, skepticism, and the remnants of Russian socialism to bring modern veterinary medicine to Mongolia's most remote horse herders.
UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Lauren Goedde
Goedde's research focused on whether omega-3 DHA supplementation affected a stallion's sperm motion characteristics and viability.
Toxin Topic: Johnsongrass Poisoning in Horses
Johnsongrass is a drought-tolerant weed that can cause nerve and fetal damage in horses.
Keeping Your Equine Athlete at the Top of His Game
Our sources share nine ways to keep your sport horse performing his best.
Save the Dates for Fall Events Hosted by UK Gluck Center
The John F. Timoney Symposium, Equine Research Hall of Fame ceremony, and Reproductive Diseases in Horses Symposium will take place this fall.
EIA-Suspect Horse Identified In Colorado
Confirmatory tests are currently being run after a nonracing horse at Arapahoe Park tested positive for equine infectious anemia (EIA).
Tampa Bay Downs, Gulfstream Park Support Equine Research
Each track has donated $10,000 in support of advancing equine medical research in Florida.
A Memo From the UKVDL Regarding CEM Sample Submissions
The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has issued revised guidelines for contagious equine metritis (CEM) culture.
More Than 200 Horses Displaced by California Wildfires
Horse haulers, fairgrounds managers, and racetrack operators worked together to evacuate horses ahead of the San Gabriel Complex fire in Southern California.
Time for Kentuckians to Take Mosquito Protection Measures
University of Kentucky entomologists have captured Asian tiger mosquitoes, implicated as a possible carrier for the Zika virus, in Central Kentucky.
What's New in Treating Pastern Dermatitis
A veterinary dermatologist offers tips on how to properly diagnose, treat, and prevent pastern dermatitis, or scratches.
Hickey Receives 2016 AHC Rolapp Award
The Board of Trustees selected retiring AHC President Jay Hickey as the recipient of the award normally given to a member of Congress.
HSUS Launches Racehorse Advisory Council
The new advisory council is designed to promote higher welfare standards for the horse racing industry.
How to Introduce Horses
An equine behavior expert and veterinarian shares recommendations for introducing horses that will live together.
North Carolina Horse Owners Urged to Vaccinate
Eastern equine encephalitis was confirmed in horses in a South Carolina county that borders Brunswick County, North Carolina.
TCA Named Title Sponsor of 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover
The Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium will be held Oct. 27-30 at the Kentucky Horse Park.
Use Caution When Bedding Horses on Rye Straw
Rye straw can contain ergot alkaloids, which can be poisonous to livestock, including horses. Here's what to watch for.
UK Grad Student Named Zoetis Vet Parasitology Resident
Ashley Steuer, DVM, will be the first student to carry out a dual residency and PhD program in parasitology in the Department of Veterinary Science.
Choosing the Right Horse for Happy Trails
Follow these tips when searching for the best four-legged trail riding partner.
Unwanted Horse Coalition Hosts Annual Meeting
The coalition announced that Operation Gelding will be expanded based on positive survey results.
Horse Foot Bruises
The average horse is more likely to encounter a foot bruise than any other lameness. If you recognize the causes of foot bruises and understand their treatment and prevention, you can stave off discomfort in your horse and perhaps avoid an abscess.
Montana Horse Rescue Operator Pleads
A Montana woman has pleaded no contest to charges connected to the seizure of 29 horses from her rescue farm two years ago.
How Often Should a Horse Eat Each Day?
Nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes and vet Dr. Erin Jones offer their thoughts on feed frequency for horse health.
2016 Racehorse Welfare, Safety Summit to be Live-Streamed
The summit will also feature talks on racing surfaces, rider safety, equine injuries, nutrition, biosecurity, respiratory health, and more.
Teri L. Lear Memorial Scholarship Fund Established
Lear was an equine genetics researcher and associate professor at the UK Gluck Equine Research Center. She died May 14 after a long battle with cancer.