Ohio Horse Barn Builders

Ohio Indoor Riding Arena

Peoples Building Company is the horse barn builder that can make your vision come to reality in Ohio. Whether you are looking for an indoor riding arena, a custom horse barn, a run in shed, or a machinery storage building, we are the builders for you.

Peoples, function means everything: correct construction, smart engineering, and quality of materials and design; are all components necessary for a safe and functional equine facility for you and your horses in Ohio.

To the right is a list of facilities and services offered by Peoples Building. If you have a prospective project and it is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you complete it.


Also, please view our Gallery for photos of past projects and floor plans of barns and facilities


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Do you have an itchy horse? Learn more about insect bite hypersensitivity with our visual guide!
The Vet Tech's Role in Ambulatory Broodmare Care
A well-trained and skilled technician can make a reproduction veterinarian's job much easier and more enjoyable, especially during breeding season.
BLM Concludes Pancake Emergency Wild Horse Gather
The agency removed 297 horses from the Big Sand Spring Valley portion of the Pancake herd management area.
An Equine Simulator: The New First Horse?
Researchers say using a simulator could allow novice riders to train in a safe environment and safeguard equine welfare.
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Are Peppermints Spoiling My Horse's Diet?
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Equine Rehab Therapies: How Do They Work?
A look at five noninvasive high-tech therapies--from lasers to ceramic-thread blankets--and how they might help horses heal.
The Vet Tech's Role in Recovery From Anesthesia
The veterinary technician is often the primary staff member responsible for overseeing recovery from anesthesia.
Sport Horse Medicine Focus of AAEP's 2017 Resort Symposium
Lecture topics will include distinguishing neurologic and orthopedic problems, imaging techniques, and treatment and rehabilitation options.
Resveratrol Supplement Can Help Reduce Hock Lameness
Horses consuming the supplement following lower hock joint injections were less lame than horses consuming a placebo, researchers found.
Poll Recap: Boarding and Riding Horses During Winter
Of the 1,300 respondents, 558 people (43%) said they keep their horse at home, where they do not have an indoor arena.
14 Up-to-Date Horse Deworming Facts
No doubt about it, parasite control in horses has changed dramatically during the past decade. Find out what's new.
What is an Equine Vet Tech?
In celebration of National Veterinary Technician Week, let's take a closer look at our veterinarians' right-hand men and women.
ISPMB President Says Horse Deaths 'Misrepresented'
Karen Sussman was accused of maltreating horses; a former employee alleged that 30 animals had died of malnutrition.
New Beginnings Horse Rescue Operator Indicted
The operator of a Virginia horse rescue has been indicted on animal cruelty charges months after the King William County Commonwealth Attorney declined to prosecute previous charges.
Horse Blanketing FAQs
On or off? Hot or cold? Lightweight or heavyweight? We'll answer these questions and more.
Senior Feeds and the Unthrifty Horse
I used a senior equine feed to help my hard keeper gain weight. Now, should I switch him to a low-NSC product?
Retrained Thoroughbred Racehorses Bound for Kentucky
The RRP Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium will take place Oct. 27-30 at the Kentucky Horse Park.
Crash Claims Show Horses En Route to Quarter Horse Congress
Two horses were euthanized after being ejected from a trailer that overturned in Ohio.
Managing Small Horse Pastures
Proper management of pastures on small acreage can mean better grazing for your horses and reduced hay costs.
ARCI Seeking Respondents for Online Survey
The ARCI is seeking input on what industry members identify as problems in horse racing and how to address them.
Seeing Double: Handling Equine Twins
Because the mare's uterus is not designed to support two pregnancies, veterinarians have developed methods for detecting and reducing twins.
Woman Dies After Exposure to Sick Horse
Cultures from both human and horse tested positive for S. equi spp zooepidemicus.
New Data on Pergolide Dosing in Horses
Researchers found that once-daily dosing with 1 mg of pergolide is appropriate for most horses with PPID.
AFA Funds Equine Stem Cell Research Grant
Researchers will work to develop culture techniques so donor stem cells can be used safely and effectively in horses.