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  • I'm not certain of my region's building codes, will your building conform to our local codes?
                   We have the knowledge and experience of building in all regions of the United States and will build to
                   the codes and regulations of your region.

  • What locations do you offer your services?
                   Cleveland Ohio
horse barn building
                   Columbus Ohio
horse barn building
              Akron horse barns
horse barns
              Horse barns in Cleveland
              Horse barns in Columbus
              Toledo, Youngstown
                   Hudson, Solon.
                   Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
horse barn building
Horse barns in Pittsburgh
                   Horse barn
s Erie, PA
                   Altoona Ho
rse barns
horse barns
              Pittsburgh horse barns
              Allentown horse barns
              Erie horse barn
              Reading horse barns
              Bethlehem horse barns
              Scranton horse barns
              Lancaster horse barns
              Altoona horse barns
              Harrisburg horse barn

  • How will you appeal to our local climate and environment?
                    Peoples Building Company will work with you to design a facility that will be most comfortable for your
                    horses and their riders, keeping in mind the economic restrictions these kinds of projects can create.

  • What about insurance?
                   Peoples Building is a fully insured company that holds safety to the highest standard and is also a member
                   of the National Frame Builders Association (
The Builder with Horse Sense
Peoples Building

We look forward to hearing from you. You can email us at or call 1-800-345-3911 to
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